Who is Ocean State Buyers?

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     Here at Ocean State Buyers, we buy properties throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We know it’s not easy determining what the best route to go is when you need to sell your home. Should you choose a REALTOR, FSBO, or home buying company? With Ocean State Buyers, we can buy your house even if your house is ugly, you’re going through a divorce, you inherited a property, you are in danger of foreclosure, entangled in legal problems, late on payments, or damaged beyond repair and all kinds of other situations. Please read on to see who we are. 

     You’ve got nothing to lose, Stop the frustration of your unwanted property. Let Ocean State Buyers buy your house now, regardless of condition. This simply means we’ll take your property in as is condition. You make no repairs or improvements. It’s that easy. Get cash for your house! Read on to find out more about us and lean the answer to Who is Ocean State Buyers?

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Who is Ocean State Buyers?

Family Life

Who is Ocean State Buyers? Let me share our story. I’m Jesse Andrews, the heart and soul of Ocean State Buyers. Deeply committed to family values, I call the picturesque Glocester, Rhode Island, my home. The locals here often jestingly call me the “unofficial mayor.” By my side, through thick and thin, is the wonderful Lisa. Together, we’re blessed with two lively boys, Abel and Owen. Our days aren’t just about running our household; Lisa and I are also deeply involved in coaching youth sports, truly embodying the essence of community champions. And while you won’t see us in capes, we do have our superhero moments!

Professionally, I spearhead Ocean State Buyers from our base in Greenville, Rhode Island. But we’re not your run-of-the-mill real estate firm. We’re the superheroes of the housing market, always ready to help homeowners navigate the challenges of the traditional market. Facing foreclosures, divorces, or homes that need a little TLC? Think of us as your property Ghostbusters. When you’re in a property bind, you know who to call: Ocean State Buyers! I’ve always ensured our company ethos reflects the family values I cherish, making every client feel like an integral part of the Ocean State family. For us, it’s more than just property deals; it’s about building lasting relationships, spreading joy, and ensuring every transaction ends with trust, a handshake, and a shared moment of laughter.


We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about Ocean State Buyers.Want to share your own experience with us? Send us a note to let us know what working with Ocean State Buyers has been like for you.
Carol and Gil


Meet Carol and her husband, Gil. They inherited a property and didn’t know what to do with it. The tenants weren’t paying, the house needed painting, they owed Back Taxes and they were stuck!

We were able to buy their house, pay off ALL of the bills, make fines go away, and they walked away with a HUGE check!

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Working with Ocean State Buyers
We buy houses

Our Core Values


I am very clear with my offer, and will give you all of the information used to determine the offer


We operate with Integrity, and vow to do right by you


We are professional homebuyers, and know what we're doing!

Licensees, but not looking for listings!

You might be wondering, “Who is Ocean State Buyers?” While we do hold real estate licenses, we don’t operate primarily as traditional real estate agents. Unlike Realtors who’d ask you to sign a contract to list your home on the local MLS and then wait for a buyer, our approach is distinct. At Ocean State Buyers, we’re here to present you with a genuine cash offer for your home, using our own funds, with the goal of a swift and smooth closing.

But we’re more than just a house-buying service. Think of us as real estate problem solvers. Our primary mission is to assist homeowners like you in navigating property challenges and enhancing your financial situation. Above all, we value personal connections. We’re committed to understanding and addressing your unique situation because, to us, you’re not just another transaction; you’re an individual deserving of personalized attention.

Who we are

Things to consider when working with Ocean State Buyers

Don’t trust just a phone survey

When firms request that you assess your own home's value, it's often a strategy to collect more details about your property and its neighboring area. But you might wonder, 'Who is Ocean State Buyers?' We stand apart from such practices, prioritizing genuine interactions and transparent dealings.

No visit, no photos, no offer

While many companies might rely on a survey, phone call, or other impersonal methods, these often don't result in accurate offers. Experienced investors know this. That's why some might lower their initial proposal after seeing the property in person. But then, who is Ocean State Buyers? We prioritize a more transparent and genuine approach, ensuring that homeowners get the best possible experience and offer.

Know whats covered

While some companies have gained notoriety for charging exorbitant service and market risk fees that significantly diminish the offer, one might wonder, who is Ocean State Buyers? In contrast to such practices, it's essential to consider whether any experience is truly worth a percentage of your home

Dont get ditched holding a contract

When people sell their houses quickly, it's important to note that some investors may include a clause in the contract that allows them to pull out of the sale within ten days after the contract is signed. But who is Ocean State Buyers amidst all this? As you navigate the complexities of the real estate market, it's crucial to protect yourself when selling a home

Do your own due diligence

While some companies may have recently emerged and others may have just moved into town, it's essential to know who you're dealing with. Who is Ocean State Buyers in this landscape? It's advisable to trust investors with experience, like Ocean State Buyers, who can assist you throughout the entire process

Keeping it personal

Ensure that you deal with a real person who can provide you with regular updates throughout the process. Who is Ocean State Buyers in this scenario? We believe in personal touch and attention. Call centers or remote offices may not be able to give your house the attention it truly deserves, but with Ocean State Buyers, you're guaranteed a dedicated approach

Typical Fees and costs with selling a house

Costs Accumulate Every Day, therefore, we move fast to get things done in the shortest time possible, saving you time and money. Additionally, we understand that a fast home sale is better than a listing to sell later. That’s why, when we buy houses, our investors make an offer on your home typically within 24-48 hours. Moreover, we buy houses of all types (good or bad condition) quickly, so you won’t have to wait weeks or even months for a real estate agent to try to sell your home on the market.

Furthermore, we alleviate the additional cost by ensuring there are no fees, no commissions, and no contingencies. In addition, wherever we buy houses, we also pay for closing costs and set up a closing date that works best for you. With Ocean State Buyers, you can trust us to work for you and let us give you a cash offer for your home!

Here are some of the most common fees and costs associated with the home selling process that are avoided when you sell to Ocean State Buyers

What are Property Taxes?

Depending on your current property taxes and the time of the year that you sell your house, you could end up paying additional property taxes on your home.

What are Escrow Fees?

Escrow fees cover a wide range of expenses, including fees to sell your home, hold the sale funds in trust, draw up paperwork for the transaction, and other necessary formalities.

Homeowners Association (HOA) Transfer Fees

If you live in an HOA, you’ll need to transfer the fees paid to the HOA to the new homeowner.

What are home repairs?

Only an inspection will reveal how much you will need to spend on repairing your home before it is suitable for sale.

What are Tax Stamps

Sometimes called “Tax Stamps”, This is a mandatory fee that is paid by the home seller. In Rhode Island its $4.60/per $1,000 of the sold proce. For example, we buy your house for $200,000- the taxes collected by the town for the sale would be $920. 

In Massachusetts, the fees depend on the county, but the average is $4.56/ per $1,000. 

What is a recording fee?

A fee must be paid to the Recorder’s Office to record the deed of trust and sale of your home.

What is Title Insurance:

Title insurance is insurance provided to the home buyer by the home seller to ensure that the home title clears to the individual who buys your home.

What are Real Estate Commissions?

Commissions are paid to the listing agent’s real estate brokerage, which then pays the listing agent and the home buyer’s agent for their time marketing and negotiating offers to sell your home.

What is a Home Warranty:

Depending on the coverage, this fee is either paid to the buy or seller. The average cost for a home warranty is $450-$550.

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We buy houses
As a team, we understand firsthand the pain of losing a loved one, having experienced it ourselves in the summer of 2022. In fact, we know how challenging it can be to deal with the estate liquidation process during such a difficult time. Consequently, we struggled to find a company that could focus on estate sales and services. That's why at Ocean State Buyers, we strive to provide compassionate estate sales in Rhode Island, along with any necessary services and support to our clients. Moreover, our dedicated team will work with you to set up an estate sale that honors your loved one's memory while maximizing your profits. We take care of everything from pricing and staging to advertising and conducting the sale. By doing so, we ensure that you can focus on taking care of yourself and your family. estate sales in Rhode Island
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We understand that not every home sale will be a cash transaction. For those seeking alternative selling methods or more traditional real estate services, our sister company, Anchored Oak Realty, is readily available to assist. With their expertise and commitment to excellence, you can be assured of a seamless experience tailored to your specific needs. We’re hoping this article has helped explain Who is Ocean State Buyers?