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A lot of times people need to sell their house fast for various reasons. And it’s not in their best interest to sell it traditionally meaning listing their house with a realtor on the local market. Read on to see the benefits of Working with Ocean State Buyers. Want to know a little more About Us?

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Working with Ocean State Buyers

There are many reasons why people would want to sell their house fast:

  • People who are going through a divorce.
  • Home owners that are late on their mortgage payments.
  • People that are facing a medical emergency and must get money fast to support their loved ones.
  • Home owners that had suffered a fire damage and know their house would not sell in retail.
  • People that are moving out of town or state and must sell before they move and the list goes on and on…

See why Working with Ocean State Buyers is an easy, fast, and fair option for you.


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Once you have given us the property details, an investor will contact you shortly (usually within 24 hours). In some situations, we will need to gather additional information. We will research your property and discuss all the details with you. We may be able to make you an offer right over the phone, or in most cases we will schedule a time with you to view the property and make you an offer! See just how easy it can be Working with Ocean State Buyers.

We buy houses in any condition, in any area, in any price range, in any situation! We will buy your house as-is, you don’t need to do ANY repairs.

Tired Landlord

Whether your house is in foreclosure, over-leveraged, condemned, has liens or health department violations, not maintained, burned, damaged, or about to fall down WE CAN BUY IT!
Nothing! We do not charge you any fees to discuss your situation, make you an offer or to buy your home.

No! There is no obligation! We will simply review the information, make you an offer, and you choose to accept or reject it, it’s your choice! You’re never Obligated when Working with Ocean State Buyers.

ABSOLUTELY 100%! Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Any information you provide is completely confidential! If you want to deal with a reliable, reputable company who will treat you with professionalism, understanding, and respect – YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!

YES! We are a professional real estate solutions company with years of experience in solving these types of difficult situations. Please contact us for a confidential consultation, and see why Working with Ocean State Buyers is the smart choice!

Selling your home with a traditional sale requires you to get an inspection, and pay for repairs, painting and cleaning. It’s expensive and time-consuming. Then it can take months or even years – if it sells at all. That’s why we do things a different way. When Working with Ocean State Buyers, we can pay cash for your house “as is.” That means:

  • No repairs. With us, sellers don’t have to spend time and money fixing up their house. We can buy a house even if it could use a few repairs.
  • No cleaning. Same for cleaning. It’s okay if there’s mold in the shower or cobwebs in the corner. We don’t mind.
  • No paying typical closing costs. We can take care of normal closing costs so the seller won’t have to worry about that aspect.
  • No open houses. Open houses can be stressful, as dozens of potential buyers wander through the home. With us, you’ll just meet with one person, a friendly local franchisee who is ready to make an offer.
  • No waiting on bankers. It can take a long time for a bank to grant approval, and we understand that waiting can be hard. That’s why we use a process that is quick and efficient. In fact, our sellers can even close in as little as three weeks.

Please contact us at (401) 318-3125 or email me at with your question and I’ll be happy to assist you.

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