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The Absolute EASIEST way to sell your house fast in Rhode Island and Massachusetts! With us, You can Sell Your House fast in RI! Come see why we are one of the best companies that buy houses for cash!

We Buy Houses Fast!

We buy houses, cash home buyers, companies that buy houses for cash, sell my house in rhode island
We buy houses, cash home buyers, companies that buy houses for cash, sell my house in rhode island
We buy houses, cash home buyers, companies that buy houses for cash, sell my house in rhode island

The EASIEST Way to Sell Your Home 

With us, you can sell your house as-is- that means NO repairs, ZERO cleaning, NO commissions,  NO nonsense! Come see why we are one of THE best companies that buy houses for cash

How to Sell Your Property Fast

No matter the situation, we can help! We are professional Home Buyers, and will assist you every step of the way.

Avoid Foreclosure

If you're facing foreclosure, selling your house fast for cash can be a lifeline. It allows you to avoid losing your home and offers a financial return in a difficult time

Estate Settlement

If you're settling an estate, a quick cash sale can expedite the process, making it easier to distribute assets among beneficiaries without the prolonged waiting period of traditional real estate sales

Going Through a Divorce

In the midst of a divorce, selling your property for cash can simplify asset division, providing a swift and uncomplicated resolution.

Inheriting an Unwanted Property

If you've inherited a house that's more of a burden, opting for a cash sale can quickly free you from unwanted responsibilities and expenses

Avoiding Costly Repairs

If your home needs extensive repairs or renovations that you can't afford or don't wish to manage, a cash sale can be an ideal, hassle-free solution

Seeking a Simple Sale Process

If you prefer a straightforward and expedited selling experience, a cash sale eliminates many of the complications associated with traditional real estate transactions

Tired Landlord

If you're a tired landlord dealing with the challenges of property management, such as constant maintenance, tenant issues, or simply wanting to free up your time and resources, a fast cash sale can provide a convenient and immediate solution to exit the rental business


If you need to relocate for a job or personal reasons, a fast cash sale offers the convenience and speed you need to move on without delay

No Fees. No Obligations. Zero Repairs. No Agents. No Hassles!

We Want this to be the easiest decision of your life! You truly do not have to do a thing- we will schedule the whole process, make plans for any cleanout, and even help you find a new place to live. We are you One-Stop-Home Selling- Shop!

How Does a Cash Sale Work?

1. Submit Info

Just call us or fill out some quick information online to give us a little bit of information, and as soon as you submit, We will reach out quickly!

Don't worry! We will never ever sell or give away any of your information

2. Schedule a Call

You’ll receive a call from us as soon as possible. We will inquire about your situation, why you’re selling, ask about the property condition, set-up an appointment to visit your home and inquire about your asking price

3. In Person Meeting

 During the meeting, we will: Conduct a full tour of your home. Review the interior and exterior condition. Take pictures of the entire property, and complete a repair checklist. Remember- You don’t have to spend a dime to fix up your house.

4. Contract

After we have done our homework, we will email you an as-is, written offer. You have absolutely no pressure or obligation to accept the offer!

Once everything looks good, we will go over all of the paperwork with you. We're officially under contract, and moving towards a closing! We pay cash for the home so there is no waiting. We can close in as little as a couple weeks, or a couple of months- whatever you need!

5. Escrow

Our attorney will review with your attorney (if you have one) to make sure everything is perfect. Once you have signed the paperwork and other transfer documents, The title company uses the funds to pay off any lenders and lien holders, before immediately wire transferring the remaining difference into your bank account. Thats it!

6. Closing

This is where we sign all of the closing documents. The attorneys prepare everything- so we know it's good to go! Once we're on record at the town hall or city hall, the sale is official! You walk away with your money and one less headache!

Where do you buy houses?

We Buy Houses All Over Rhode Island and Massachusetts

We here at Ocean State buyers work hard to buy your home quickly and hassle-free! Although we are licensed Real Estate professionals, but we’re not looking to list your property! We buy houses as-is throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

See Where We Buy!

You could have your house sold in days- regardless of the condition or your financial situation! Therefore, call us immediately if you’re wanting to Sell My House fast in Rhode Island and Massachusetts

See What We Can Offer Your for Your House Today!

Get An INSTANT Cash Offer in 90 Seconds!

Who We Are, And Why We Care!

We buy houses, cash home buyers, companies that buy houses for cash, sell my house in rhode island

Who is Ocean State Buyers? 

Let me share our story. I’m Jesse Andrews, the heart and soul of Ocean State Buyers. Deeply committed to family values, I call the picturesque Glocester, Rhode Island, my home. The locals here often jestingly call me the “unofficial mayor.” By my side, through thick and thin, is the wonderful Lisa. Together, we’re blessed with two lively boys, Abel and Owen. Our days aren’t just about running our household; Lisa and I are also deeply involved in coaching youth sports, truly embodying the essence of community champions. And while you won’t see us in capes, we do have our superhero moments!

Professionally, I spearhead Ocean State Buyers from our base in Greenville, Rhode Island. But we’re not your run-of-the-mill real estate firm. We’re the superheroes of the housing market, always ready to help homeowners navigate the challenges of the traditional market. Facing foreclosures, divorces, or homes that need a little TLC? Think of us as your property Ghostbusters. When you’re in a property bind, you know who to call: Ocean State Buyers! I’ve always ensured our company ethos reflects the family values I cherish, making every client feel like an integral part of the Ocean State family. For us, it’s more than just property deals; it’s about building lasting relationships, spreading joy, and ensuring every transaction ends with trust, a handshake, and a shared moment of laughter.

Whats the Difference Between a Cash Sale and a Traditional Sale?

companies that buy houses for cash

Selling your home can be complicated and unpredictable. At Ocean State buyers, we believe it doesn’t have to be.
We have guided MANY homeowners through the selling process, making it simple and stress-free. Let us help you Sell my House fast- especially in this market!

Meanwhile, are you looking for an experienced Brokerage? Please visit our sister company,

Anchored Oak Realty 



Selling your home can be a complicated and unpredictable process. However, at Ocean State Buyers, we firmly believe that it doesn’t have to be that way. As a Cash Home Buyer, Ocean State is ready to jump into action! Moreover, we are one of RI’s most trusted companies that buy houses for cash!

Our team has successfully guided hundreds of homeowners through the selling process, ensuring that it’s straightforward and stress-free for them. With our expertise, we can make the process of selling your home so much easier! 

All you need to do is get in touch with us and let us help you “Sell My House” in Rhode Island. By leveraging our expertise and personalized services, we can help you sell your house quickly and easily, with no complications or uncertainties. So why wait? Give us a call today and see how we can assist you with selling your home.The goal is to give you a fair and accurate offer, and we’re always looking for ways to pass savings back to you. If our offer doesn’t work for you, we can go our separate ways at any time during the process with no cost to you.

Our Mission:

Help Homeowners Sell their unwanted houses quickly, easily, and without any hassle

Find out How We can help YOU!

Receive an offer in 90 Seconds- Yes, really! No obligation and No Nonsense!