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We can help you with an Estate Sale in Rhode Island & Massachusetts

Not only can we help organize a cleanout, but we can help with the whole process of the Estate Sale. You don't have to do this all alone! You have options!


If you have any Questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! I will contact you shortly. Please fill out the form below.

     We know that the idea of selling a loved ones property can be daunting and quite frankly, overwhelming. Additionally If you’ve ever thought about managing Estate Sales in Rhode Island, please read on!

Tragedy struck our family in the summer of 2022 and my wife and I found ourselves in the middle of settling an estate.  wife and I were grieving, overwhelmed, and just exhausted. It’s horrible enough to have to lay your loved one to rest, but then comes the part after that nobody told us about:

     The house.

     The belongings. 

     Settling the Estate

A lifetime of possessions that we were now in charge of- and to think…. We’re in the real estate industry, and it was hard for US! It made us wonder what services were out there for people in this same situation. I even googled Estate Sales in Rhode Island, as a result, few companies came up! Needless to say we were frustrated. 

In essence, there are companies that will set up an estate sale. And yeah, there are companies that will but the house for cash…. but nobody that does both.

Until now!

We wanted to help people, like yourself, and give an option to you. We’re experts in Real Estate, and now, however,  we’re very familiar with the estate sale process. We have an amazing team of professionals- from Agents, Attorneys, CPA’s, and clean-out crews. You do not have to try and figure this out on your own. According to the Rhode Island Association of Realtors, the average home sale price in 2022 was $389,950! Thats a LOT of money on the table!

In conclusion, Let an experienced professional help you through this incredibly tough time. Call us today to see how we can help YOU in this very demanding period. A true service for Estate Sales in Rhode Island

Estate Sales in Rhode Island

Frequently Asked Questions

An Estate Sale is a sale that refers to the sale of personal items: Furniture, Jewelry, artwork- just about anything thats inside a home. The sale can take place inside the home, online via auction, or removed for sale in another location. You decide whats best for you and your family. 

Fill out some information on the form, send me an email, or give us a call! We realize that you are probably dealing with a lot, and we want to give you options. 

You control all aspects of the sale- from the liquidation of the personal property, to the sale of the house itself. 

Most estate Sale companies charge anywhere from 30%-60%. Depending on you needs and wants, we can tailor a solution that works for you. Many times we can purchase the house AND the belongings as a package, and give you the peace of mind you need. 

Not a problem at all! We have the ability to purchase these houses with cash, meaning that you dont have to fix a thing. We can buy properties that others just cannot! There is no job we’ve walked away from, and have no intention to! See our article HERE about houses with repairs needed!

We are a licensed Rhode Island and Massachusetts Real Estate Brokerage. Our dedication to you, the client, is our top priority! 

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Rhode Island Broker License REB.001906. 

Massachusetts Broker 1000432. 

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